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      Years of clinical studies and everyday use have proven that MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), as a dietary supplement, is highly effective for the treatment of arthritis, emphysema, carpal tunnel, asthma, back pain, acne, fibromyalgia and a long list of other common and serious ailments. Some of them are testified to here.
What Doctors Say About MSM

As a doctor, I am always searching to find a simple and inexpensive product to help my patients. MSM powder and MSM lotion fit the bill. My patients love it because it relieves their muscle and joint pain without side effects of any kind.
      Dr. E.C., Wisconsin

MSM is excellent for bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis - also for burns and sunburns - and common sinus problems.
      Dr. T.B., Arizonia


For severe, crippling arthritic conditions, we will use up to 10 grams daily for 7-10 days. The patients experience dramatic realignment and good health due to their use of MSM.
      Dr. W.W., of New York

We have been using MSM on our allergy patients for two years. We have seen nothing if not incredible results.
      Dr. G.M., California

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What is MSM?

Praises For MSM

Allergies: we use MSM exclusively for the treatment of all our allergy patients. It is the only product that we have had consistent and effective results with.
      Dr. M., Kansas

Back pain: I've had lower back pain for years. Now I take 3-4 MSM capsules with each meal and all back pain is gone!
      D.C., Oregon

Arthritis: I started taking MSM capsules and noticed a remarkable decrease in pain each day.
      O.M., Oregon

Constipation: Since taking MSM I've had no problems going to the bathroom. It feels great to be off psyllium.
      J.K., Michigan

Energy: I've replaced my husbands energy formulas with your MSM and he has far more energy without any side effects.
      L.O., Washington

Canker Sores: I tried the MSM eye/ear drops with distilled water on my canker sores. It tasted bitter, but cleared them up right away! It really works!
      S.D., Florida

Muscle Injuries: I used MSM lotion on a very painful pulled muscle and took four MSM capsules a day-the relief was tremendous and far beyond what other ointments gave me.
      C.G., Idaho

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MSM can help

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